Why’s quitting called, “Recovery”?

Why do they call stopping drinking or getting “sober” “recovery?”

Well, because drinking a lot often leads to loss.

Are you noticing any of that happening in your life?

Maybe you’re literally losing things – your phone, your wallet, your mind, the way home…….

Maybe you’re losing your family? Have you been hearing ultimatums? Spending less and less time with them, losing their trust?

People who get sober report how their lives started shrinking over time as their drinking worsened. After stopping, they find their lives start to expand, filling up with more people again, more meaningful relationships, a sense of purpose.

They start to recover what was lost. Whether it’s their health, money, time, vision and dreams.

One of the greatest gifts I hear again and again is the recovery of the SELF. Like Michael J Fox in Back to the Future – his image had faded from a family photo, until he was able to  change his fate – restoring himself crystal clear in the picture of his future.

back to teh future

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