Alison Bulman is a New York state-licensed counselor in private practice in New York City. She is a public speaker, and writer specializing in treating alcohol abuse and other addictions. She offers a unique approach to helping clients repair their relationships that addictive behaviors can harm.

Alison earned her bachelor’s degree in Communication from Cornell University and her master’s in social work from New York University’s Substance Abuse and Co Occurring Disorders focus program. For 10 years, she has worked with people in recovery from addictions to help them identify their authentic selves, come out of social isolation, and re-connect with themselves, their families, friends, and significant others.

Alison has trained at Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy in New York and teaches the psycho-education program on drug and alcohol abuse and recovery at the Manhattan outpatient treatment facility, Inter-Care, Ltd. She has attended trainings at the Hudson Valley Psychodrama Institute, and studied mindfulness and meditation at the Dai Bosatsu Zendo in upstate New York.